Does The Inkzup Platform Provide A Tattoo Artist General Consent Form?

Yes in fact we do provide that.  Your clients will see that option when they are booking their appointment with you.

Do Clients Get A Reminder Of Their Appointment?

Yes they get a text message and an email reminder.

Can I Write My Own Cancellation Policy?

Yes, that’s the goal. You want to let your clients know your policies.

How Do I Set Up My Account?

You can set up your account by simply going to the artist page or select register as an Inkzer at the bottom of the website.

Do I Get Notifications When A Client Books With Me?

Yes you will be notified by email and a text notification when a client books with you.

I Didn’t Get An Account Confirmation Email?

Check your spam email inbox to be sure it didn’t go there. If you have searched there and still didn’t see it then reach out to us at support@inkzup.com.

I Created An Account And Chose My Plan But I Don’t See Any Options On The Left Hand Side Of My Inkzer Profile, Why?

You will see this until your profile has been approved.  Once approved, you will see all of the full features.

Can A Client Cancel A Booking?

Yes, they have the option to cancel a booking.

How Do I Get My Profile Approved?

Your profile will be approved once it  has been reviewed by the Inkzup support team.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Profile Approved?

We aim to approve all profile approval requests within 24 hours.

Why Isn’t My Profile Live?

Your profile must be approved by our team before you can see it live on the platform. You will get a confirmation email once we have reviewed it.

What Do You Look For In Approving My Profile?

We want to make sure you are an experienced tattoo artist. We are very serious about allowing a certain caliber of tattoo artists onto the platform. We look at your social media accounts to review the quality of your work. We will also check to verify the shop that you work out of.

Are The Clients Able To Upload Examples Of The Work That They Would Like Done?

Yes. It’s a requirement for all clients when booking on Inkzup.

Do I Get A Notification When A Client Pays Their Deposit?

Yes you get a text message when they have paid their deposit.

When Clients Book An Appointment, Do They Pay A Deposit?

Only if you require them to do so.  You determine that when you set up your services.

Do I Get Notifications When A Client Messages Me?

Yes you will get a text message.

Can Clients Pay Cash?

Yes they can pay in cash for the final payment.

How Do Clients Find Me?

Clients have several ways to find you on Inkzup. Most of them will simply search under the “Find My Artist” page.  They have the option

Do clients get a refund if they cancel?

Yes, clients will get a refund of the deposit if they cancel based on your cancellation policy.  You will go to bookings and edit the booking  approve the amount of the  refund.

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